One of the educational programs of Hafez Studies Center is to hold regular classes reading Hafez at the tomb of Hafez. These classes are conducted by different Hafez scholars with various approaches on different days of the week. In some of the classes, comparative and interdisciplinary approaches are used and other poets are discussed to show the similarities and differences with Hafez.

From  winter 1375 (1997) to summer 1398 (2019) the center has offered 30  terms  and over 570 classes. A large number of Hafez scholars have conducted these classes among them Dr Mansur Rastegar Fasai, the late Parviz Khaefi, Mansur Paimard, Dr Manijeh Abdolahi, Dr Khosro Ghasemian, Hashem Fereiduni, Dr Saeed Hesampour, Dr Mostafa Sedighi, Fateme Qaedsharafi, Majid Eskandari, Dr Reza Rastegari and Dr Mohammad Hadi Hosseini.

In the past twenty-three years, over 17000 have attended these classes leading to new programs such as Reading Rumi and Hafez for children and young adult classes.